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Samsung Galaxy x DEFIT

Samsung Health belong to the "Health App" category and does not provide the required fitness activity details to get rewarded with DEFIT. However Samsung Galaxy watch users can take part in DEFIT game modes by syncing their device to Google Fit via Health Sync.

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There is no direct synchronisation path possible between Samsung Health and Google Fit. There is a workaround solution though using Health Sync. Note: You must have previously installed Samsung Health and synced your Galaxy watch.

STEP 1: Download and set-up Google Fit

  1. Download Google Fit here

  2. Login with your Google account

  3. Input your "About you" data or not and click Next

  4. DO NOT let Google Fit track your activities in the background. Click "No Thanks"

  5. Set your goals and complete onboarding

  6. Access your profile via the icon in the bottom right corner and open settings

  7. Scroll down in your settings and verify that Background activity tracking is switched off

STEP 2: Download Health Sync and sync your Samsung Health account to Google Fit

  1. Download Health Sync here

  2. Select Samsung Health as "source app"

  3. Select Google Fit as "destination app "

  4. Accept the declaration of consent and give all required authorisations

  5. Tick all the following boxes to be shared: Activities, Sleep, Heart rate

  6. Hit the Sync button to confirm it's configured

  7. Open settings and tick the box related to Sync distance and speed details

  8. You have now successfully synced your Samsung Health account to Google Fit

STEP 3: Sync your Google Fit account with DEFIT

  1. Open the left panel menu and click Wearables within DEFIT Mobile application. Select Google Fit . A new page open. Click Sync device

  2. Select the account to connect

  3. Tick all the boxes and press continue

  4. A new web page open to confirm your connection status

  5. Close this page and manually go back to DEFIT mobile application. You have now successfully synced your Google Fit account

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