Energy system

Energy System LIVE

Energy Depletion

As users move, their energy will naturally decrease. Club Member and Web3 Players Energy depletes over time as a result of their physical efforts. Different Activity types will result in more or less Energy depletion applying the same philosophy for the reward rate per minute.
Activity Type
Energy depletion
Running & Swimming
0.2 per minute
0.15 per minute
0.12 per minute
Note: Energy system does not apply to Free-to-Play users.

Energy Impact

Energy has a direct impact upon Efficiency and user base-rewards rate per minute by applying a divider to it.
E.g. A user complete a new running activity before his energy is fully refilled and currently stands at 88. Formula: [Running base reward per minute x 0.88]

Energy Saving

Owning a BabyFit with high Stamina Attribute will significantly reduce the Energy drop post effort. You can refer to all the details here.

Energy Refill

Energy automatically refills at a rate of 0.3 per hour. Additionally users can earn energy drinks within the FitBags items.