Energy system

Energy System LIVE

Energy Depletion

As users move, their energy will naturally decrease. Club Member and Web3 Players Energy depletes over time as a result of their physical efforts. Different Activity types will result in more or less Energy depletion applying the same philosophy for the reward rate per minute.

Activity TypeEnergy depletion

Running & Swimming

0.2 per minute


0.15 per minute


0.12 per minute

Note: Energy system does not apply to Free-to-Play users.

Energy Impact

Energy has a direct impact upon Efficiency and user base-rewards rate per minute by applying a divider to it.

E.g. A user complete a new running activity before his energy is fully refilled and currently stands at 88. Formula: [Running base reward per minute x 0.88]

Energy Saving

Owning a BabyFit with high Stamina Attribute will significantly reduce the Energy drop post effort. You can refer to all the details here.

Energy Refill

Energy automatically refills at a rate of 0.3 per hour. Additionally users can earn energy drinks within the FitBags items.

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