FiT Bags

Who doesn't love surprises! Be active and get airdrop special items

DEFIT Fit bags aim to bring sport gamification to the level level. Rewarding its community not only with in-game items that allow users to manage and optimise their training journey but also items to connect both the digital and physical world.

Fit bags will not appear when a user generate their reward. It will appear only post claim. Receiving a Fit bag is not guaranteed neither is its content. Our algorithms and reward formula aim to reward its most physically active community. There are 3 type of items than can be redeemed through the Fit bags:

Type of itemsAvailibility

In-app gamification items


NFT from partner collections


IRL products and more


In-app gamification items

Users are able to earn through Fit bags several game items that plays a role in managing and optimising their DEFIT training journey. Every item revealed and claimed will appear in the Locker room accessible through the game profile page. Items have a have a specific lifespan and, at the moment, are non transferable nor sellable.

Items type

  1. Energy drinks - these items enable users to speed-up their energy refill and are essentials to sustain high daily training volume. Otherwise It's time to take a rest day. Recovery days are probably the most underestimated aspect of the training process. Being driven by the rewards to push ourselves is good, listening to our body is even better. So in case you don't our energy system is here as a reminder and to avoid overtraining. There are 3 type of energy drinks available: a)Yellow: +3 b) Red : +8 c) Blue: +15

  2. Unlocks - these items are designed to remove the current time-locks. Wether you have time constraints someday or plan to go for a long walk during the weekend those come handy: a) 20min unlock: first 20-min of your next activity eligible for rewards b) 120min unlock: Next activity is eligible for rewards up to 120min

    c) 150min unlock: Next activity is eligible for rewards up to 150min

    d) 180min unlock: Next activity is eligible for rewards up to 180min

  3. Cooldown period - this item will reduce by 8h the cooldown durations that are currently set after an activity is started (16h duration) and after a tier status is updated (24h duration).

Items lifespan

  • Energy drinks: 120 hours When consumed, these items will apply immediately to the user’s energy level. Beware these items must be used before or after an activity. Consuming one during an activity will disqualify this activity from rewards.

  • Unlocks: 72 hours When consumed, Unlock items have an expiration time of 2h during which a new activity must be started. If no activity began within that timeframe the item will be lost. Two items can be used for the same upcoming activity.

  • Cooldown period: 120 hours When consumed, this item will apply immediately to the ongoing cooldown duration.

If not consumed within their respective lifespan, the items will be lost.

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