Game Modes

3 Solo Game Modes for each and everyone

DEFIT ain't no step tracker. Through advanced wearables integration and data analytics, we at DEFIT reward multiple GPS-based activities including: running (outdoor and treadmill), cycling (road, mountain, stationary), swimming (pool and open water) and walking (outdoor, treadmill, hiking). To suit users’ habits, one is able to sync multiple wearables at the same time to the app. However, a given activity can be managed by one wearable only.

Example: If you have synced your DEFIT account to both your Garmin and Zwift, and assigned the indoor cycling activity to Zwift, then all indoor cycling activities recorded with your Garmin device will NOT be subject to rewards.


DEFIT also offer its proprietary mobile app tracker for those

Solo Mode

Our goal is to nudge millions towards a healthier lifestyle, prevent cardio-vascular diseases and connect the public to Web 3.0. In order to achieve that vision we have developed 3 solo game modes to give each and everyone an opportunity to join us.

Let's now dive into each one.


In Beginner mode no initial investment is required. Users can simply skip the onboarding flow, login/create an account, sync their preferred tracking device, activate the Free-to-Play game mode and start collecting DEFIT for each sport activity they do.

Every eligible activity uploaded will be rewarded with 1 DEFIT token.

To be eligible, the activity must be have a minimum duration of 30min and correspond to the the following activity types: Walking, Running, Swimming, Cycling. Free-to-Play mode requires your average speed duration for the entire activity to be within the speed range. Refer here to learn more about the speed range.

Users will have to reach 100 DEFIT in their earning wallet to be able to withdraw it. They will also have the opportunity to participate in Challenge mode and compete with others to aim for top prizes.


Become a Champion by purchasing and holding DEFIT tokens in your web3 wallet and let's get started with your journey with us.

DEFIT Dapp is powered by Polygon Network.

The minimum amount of tokens to hold is 3,000 DEFIT. The more tokens you own the more rewards you get. There are 5 Member Tier Level status.

DEFIT TokensMember Level











Once your wallet is connected with the DEFIT App, you will automatically be granted the corresponding Member role and notice your wallet banner change to reflect your new status.

There is a 24hour cool down period before the next eligible activity whenever a user obtain a Club Member role, upgrade or downgrade his status. Additionally, we invite you to sync your wallet via Collabland within our Discord server to access private chat channels. Join our Discord here.

Note: DEFIT is listed on Quickswap. Please visit our website or join our discord and refer to the "official links" channel to learn how to purchase DEFIT token.


The ultimate game-play to make the most of your journey with us. Join the BabyFit Army by acquiring one of our unique, beautifully hand-drawn and limited NFT designed by the famous and talented French Artist Samy Halim. There are so many life lessons to learn from our Children. Or as we like to say to remember from our baby-self. Let's bring our youth back!

Once equipped with a BabyFit NFT, you are entering a whole new game experience. Your DEFIT rewards will be boosted according to 3 main factors:

  1. Your Member Tier Level - Of course your member status will always give you a competitive edge starting with higher base-reward. Your NFT efficiency boost will come on top of it.

  2. BabyFit's Sport specialty - Rare are those who are just as good in all types of sports. As we do, each BabyFit excels in one sport. While they may also bring higher base-reward for other sports they won't be as efficient. Refer to the BabyFit Attributes section for further details.

  3. BabyFit’s Efficiency Attribute - The higher the efficiency, the more DEFIT earned per minute. Users will be able to level-up to gain additional points to allocate to the attribute of their choice or decide to go with more talented Babies with higher base attributes.

Challenge Mode (Under Development)

In Challenge Mode, users need to register to each event if they wish to participate at least 24 hours prior to commencement. There will be several types of events with exciting prizes for the winners (Token rewards, NFTs, Merchandising etc.). To ensure commitment from users, a fee is imposed upon registration to be paid in DEFIT.

DEFIT Challenges

In need of a little extra motivation, nothing better than setting yourself up for a challenge. Participate in one of the numerous running, cycling etc. challenges organised by DEFIT Team and give your best to top the leaderboard and take it home.

International Competitions

Not everyone can be an Olympian to proudly represent its country at the most prestigious sport event of all time. Make your miles count in these international competitions to bring your country on top of the leaderboard. During these events, you're not competing alone. We add-up the mileage for every participant of a same country and the reward pool is randomly distributed to lucky winners of the winning nation.

I Dare You

Do your friends have what it takes to compete with you? Create your own challenge, set the entry price in DEFIT (e.g. Longest running distance for the week) and invite your friends. Whoever wins, take the reward pool with him/her.

Corporate Challenges

Sport is a great stress buster for employees. It has a blend of values that reflects on our day-to-day life. It provides a platform to create and maintain strong bonding with colleagues. These sponsored events will be either open to everyone or restricted to employee-only.

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