We are ONE Community, we have ONE Token: DEFIT


DEFIT is a digital coin available on Polygon blockchain. Contract: 0x428360b02c1269bc1c79fbc399ad31d58c1e8fda Click here to view on Polygonscan

Supply and circulation

DEFIT has a maximum supply of 50,000,000 tokens.

100% of pre-sale and team tokens are fully vested since November 2021.

DEFIT Club Members hold 10,384,237 $DEFIT tokens as of July, 13th, 2023. Representing 38% of the total circulating supply.

A total of 913,674 $DEFIT tokens were rewarded to DEFIT community since launch.

There is currently 27,320,079 $DEFIT tokens in circulation as of July, 13th, 2023. All details can be found in real time via our API links: Overall supply: Circulating supply:

Token allocation and distribution

100% of the supply is minted since May 2022.

Fees & Utilities

DEFIT is the premium token to be earned and used for in-app Move to Earn game mechanics. Upon release of our utilities a buy/sell tax on DEX will be implemented as indicated below: 2% Buy tax / 6% Sell tax Collected taxes are used to support the project operations with a finite low supply of 50M tokens. It also contributes to further reduce price volatility.

  • 100% of all taxes go back to Move-to-Earn reward pool

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