Earning Cap/Mechanics

Solo Mode Earning Cap

Solo Mode has several limitations in place that restrict the amount of tokens users earn per day. These limitations apply differently according to Game Modes.

Free-to-Play Cap

Free-to-Play users can earn 1 DEFIT per activity every 16hours. Each activity to be eligible must comply with our activity validation requirements.

Club Member and Web3 Player Daily Activity Cap

Users are rewarded for 1 Activity of their choice every 16hours. Meaning that if 2 activities or more are recorded within the same day, users will be able to select the one they want to apply the DEFIT rewards system.

Beware there is a 16 hours claim window of your rewards upon activity completion.

Babyfit Genesis are eligible to 1 activity every 16hours per Babyfit NFT.

Babyfits equipped with a Racer Super Power are eligible to 2 activities within 16 hours.

Club Member and Web3 Player Activity duration Cap

Going beyond the first mile. Hey, let's be honest. How many times did we go out with the intention to nail that workout and ended up cutting it short? While short activities matter, prolonged aerobic activity provides best metabolic effects and health benefits. That's why DEFIT reward you for every active minute between 20-90min per activity.

Activity durationReward per active minute


Do not apply




Do not apply

Users have the option to remove the time locks should they have planned a shorter walk to the office or longer bike ride during the week-end.

This action must be performed prior to debuting a new activity. These unlocks will be earned via Gym bags airdrops upon activity completion.

ItemHow to get one?

20min lock

Earned during activities

90 min lock

Earned during activities

Users equipped with a Starter Super Power will not be subject to the 20min limitation. Users equipped with a Finisher Super Power till not be subject to the 90min limitation.

Solo Mode Earning Mechanics for Club Members & Web3 Players

Primary Reward System

Users will be rewarded a certain amount of DEFIT tokens per active time within the eligible range for each different supported physical activities. Some activities are more exhausting than others. As a result they benefit from higher reward per minute rate.

In Club Member role, DEFIT reward system apply advanced data analytics. Unlike Free-to-Play mode where we only look at the average speed, in Club Member mode DEFIT analyse your activity minute per minute to compute your total eligible time and rewards depending on many parameters explained below.

Activity TypeOptimal speedReward rate per minute


50'’ - 3’20'’/100m

0.25 DEFIT


7 - 20 km/h



15 - 50 km/h

0.12 DEFIT


2 - 8 km/h

0.08 DEFIT

Workout Intensity

Your workout intensity matters. By using a device that tracks your heart rate (beat per minute, bpm), you will receive an extra multiplier.


No HR Data


<140 bpm


>140 bpm


Club Member Tier level

Users base-reward per minute is amplified by their Tier level status.

Member LevelReward Multiplier











NFT Profile

Users base-reward per minute is amplified by their NFT Profile.

Each Efficiency base-point grants an additional 2% increase in the base-reward rate per minute.

E.g. A BabyFit NFT with 12 Efficiency will increase the base-reward rate per minute by 24%. Formula: (12x2%=24%)

Each additional boost-point obtained as a bonus when levelling-up grants another 0.5% boost of the NFT base-reward rate per minute.

E.g. A BabyFit NFT with 12 Efficiency base + 24 boost points will increase the reward rate by 27%. Formula: [(12x2%)x(1+(24x0.5%))=26.88%)

In Summary

The 4 main factors which affect DEFIT Earnings are:

  1. Activity Type

  2. Workout intensity & duration

  3. Club Member Tier Level

  4. NFT Profile (Specialty, Attributes, Talent & Level)

Formula: Player DEFIT Earning = [Eligible active minutes x(((Reward rate per minute x Energy level) x (1 + Efficiency boost %))x HR multiplier) x Tier Level multiplier)]

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