Making Physical Activity more fun and rewarding


Health and wealth are ideally not meant to come at the expense of each other, yet daily scenarios reveal how this principle generally comes alongside practical challenges (e.g. unbalanced investment/benefits). While Move2Earn projects appear to stand as an exception, most fail to develop sustainable models. DEFIT will do things differently.

Our primary goal is to make physical activity more fun and rewarding. While financial incentives through blockchain gamification represent a fantastic opportunity to achieve that, user experience remains our priority. DEFIT aims to be a real game-changer and turn the narrative towards Move & Earn.

When it comes to fitness-related effort, indeed, the best might also be the enemy of the good and rewards may induce extreme, unhealthy behaviours (e.g. chronic fatigue, injury, illness). This is the opposite of what we aim for. We aim to nurture healthy habits for our community and drive long-term adherence to a balanced and active lifestyle by disguising effort. Our model was developed with this purpose. Together building health and wealth so you can thank us twice later.

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