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BabyFit Fusion (BFF) occurs when users use 2 Babies they own as a blueprint to “merge”, producing a new BabyFit in the process. The Fusion is performed by two Babies of equal level (10) and different sport specialties. For reference the Fusees will be called Parents. The Fused character will possess mixed traits of their original counterparts. All characters fused through the Fusion will acquire the same special attire. They will have the same Efficiency through multiple sports according to their Parents specialties.


2 sports


3 sports


4 sports

Well-rounded Athlete

Users can perform a maximum of 1 BFF per Baby. The fusion cost will be paid in ETHEREUM/MATIC.

BabyFit Fusion Variation

Fused character Attributes are randomised according to their Talent, regardless of their Parent’s Attributes.

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